Kitahara International Hospital

We the Kitahara Group consists of four institutes; Kitahara International Hospital, Kitahara Rehabilitation Hospital, Kitahara RD Clinic and Kitahara Life Support Clinic.
We are specialized in Neurosurgery and provide outstanding services to our patients throughout all the stages of the medical care from preventive treatment to rehabilitation even after patients' recovery and leaving the hospital.

Kitahara International hospital caters various services from emergency surgery, MRI scans, cerebral angiography, to thrombolytic therapy on 24-hour, daily basis.

Services we offer

Other than specialized neurosurgical care, we offer medical services in the following areas:
・Cardiovascular Internal Medicine
・Neurological Internal Medicine
・Plastic and reconstructive surgery
・Gastroenterological medicine
・Metabolic Internal Medicine

Kitahara Rehabilitation Hospital

Kitahara Rehabilitation Hospital specifically serves for the patients who are not in the severe stage yet require consistent rehabilitation training.
Our most dedicated staffs have pride in assisting patients to recover their body functions with well understanding and cooperation of patients' families.

Mental Care Unit

In recent years, mental health care is drawing more and more attention here in Japan. However, the facilities that satisfy the needs of patient, in providing appropriate mental care, are still very few in number.
We also established a psychiatric unit specialized in mental disorders and offer a wide range of treatments such as pharmacotherapy, occupational therapy, group therapy, music therapy etc.

Kitahara RD Clinic

Kitahara Radio Diagnostic Clinic caters a complete medical checkup of the brain.
The purpose of this checkup is to detect any abnormality of the brain and prevent brain infarction / hemorrhage occurrences.
This is by appointment only.
The whole procedure takes 1 hour and 30 min. No waiting time is required.
It is convenient for the busy person.

The brain checkup is recommended to the people who:
1. is healthy at present but worries about the possibility of stroke
2. feels heavy / light headed, have numbness of the limb or mouth, ringing in the ears, blurred vision and/or memory loss;
3. has family medical history who have suffered stroke.

Examination procedure & Diagnoses

The flow of the Brain Dock;
MRI・MRA, Carotid Echography, Blood Test, EKG, Fundus Exam, Vision Exam, Hearing Exam, Weight Check, Body Fat Percentage.
※You can also take the optional examination.

Our Clinic offers the diagnosis particular to Women. The most common examination is Mammography, which is the x-ray exam for lacteal gland.
We can detect the most of diseases caused in lacteal gland. Breast cancer, even the very early stage and the patients cannot feel as a lump, can be detected.

Kitahara Life Support Clinic

Our goal is to provide you quality care with state-of-the-art facilities in front of Hachioji station. The location is suitable for your convenient visit anytime you need.
Additionally, we ensure you true relaxation by luxury atmosphere like a resort hotel.
With 9 departments including neurosurgery, we provide comprehensive services for the diagnosis, treatment and preventive care of all conditions that affect your healthy life.

KITAHARA LS Clinic offers its patients a wide variety of medical service

1.Currently, we operate 6days a week, in addition, neurosurgery and pediatrics departments are available on Sunday as well (*afternoon only, Sunday). Furthermore, in the future, we will be opening 365days a year.
2.English, French, and Chinese(Mandarin) interpretation are available to serve the special needs of international patients at psychopathological department on Monday afternoon.
3.We are fully equipped with innovative facilities such as MRI, CT to enable you to get diagnosis and examination on the same day.

Departments available:
・Pediatric medicine
・Internal medicine
・Neurological internal medicine
・Cardiovascular internal medicine
・Gastroenterological surgery
・Cardiovascular surgery
・Plastic surgery

・Physical Care Unit (Drop-in)
・Therapy (up on your request)